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Cosmetic Braces

What are Cosmetic Braces?

Cfast Dental Braces

Cfast Dental Braces

Cosmetic braces, or dental braces, are an orthodontic treatment which straighten teeth to improve the look of your smile.  Modern cosmetic braces are very subtle, so they can give you that dream smile without anyone knowing!  Many people can benefit from having cosmetic braces, as crooked teeth are surprisingly common.  Having prominent teeth sticking out from the others is not only unsightly, but also makes those teeth more likely to be damaged or become worn more quickly.  Having teeth which are out of alignment can also cause an incorrect biting action, such as an over-bite or an under-bite.    These problems can lead to extensive strain on the jaw which can cause additional problems within the joints of the jaw as well as headaches.  Acting quickly to prevent this will ensure that your smile is great and your teeth are protected!  Cosmetic braces are best applied in childhood, as soon as enough adult teeth have grown in, however many adults are also opting for this treatment as it’s never too late to get the perfect smile.

What’s involved in getting Cosmetic Braces?

The process of applying cosmetic braces firstly involves a full examination including an X-Ray.  Then a mold of your teeth will be taken to make plaster models of your teeth.  Our expert team will then come up with the best plan to suit your teeth and fit the right appliance (or ‘brace’) to help correct your teeth.

In a small number of cases, it may also be required to remove a tooth (or teeth) in order to make room for the teeth to move.  Your orthodontist will tell you if this is the case or run through any other options which may be available.

Cosmetic Braces – Get In Touch to Know More

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