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Root Canals

What are root canals?

Root canals, also known as endodontics, when the pulp which supplies the tooth has become infected through decay or injury.  Pain is generally an early indicator of infection, and in some cases the tooth may also darken in colour.  This would signal that the tooth is either dead or dying, and would required root canal treatment.

Root canals are performed to prevent the infection in the pulp from spreading through the root canal system which would eventually result in the tooth requiring to be removed.  To prevent this, root canals stop the infection from spreading and save tooth.

What is involved in root canals?

Root canals are generally done under local anaesthetic.  The treatment is aimed at removing all of the infection from the tooth.  To do this requires a couple of visits to the dentist.  The first visit will see the dentist remove the infected pulp and drain any abscesses that may have formed.  A temporary filling is then placed to cover the tooth until the root canal treatment can be completed.  At a later visit, the dentist will ensure that all of the infection has been cleared from the tooth and then either permanently fill the tooth or place a crown to seal the tooth.  With modern techniques, the tooth is normally left looking clean and natural.

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