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White Fillings

What are white fillings?

Most people these days have fillings of one kind or another in their mouths.  Fillings can be perfectly natural looking, rather than the standard silver/grey filling that many people are used to.  By using a combination of materials, often including glass particles and a synthetic resin, white fillings give the appearance of normal tooth enamel.  Modern white fillings will also often last just as long as standard silver amalgam fillings.

What is involved in getting white fillings?

White fillings are used to repair cavities or teeth which have become worn, decayed or otherwise damaged.  Fillings can generally be applied in a single visit to the dentist.  The process involves first removing the decayed or damaged material from the tooth to be filled.  This is done under local anaesthetic so that no discomfort is felt.  Once damaged or decayed tooth material has been removed from the area, the dentist will then begin layering the composite materials which form the white filling into the area.  This layering process involves adding a thin layer of the composite and then hardening (or ‘curing’) this using a special light.  The layering process is repeated until the tooth is filled.

Generally after a filling is complete, the dentist will polish  the filling to make sure everything is smooth.

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